We manufacture our hangtabs in-house, allowing for great flexibility in terms of size, shape, design & thickness
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Case Studies

  • Light as a feather

    A customer presented us with this problem. They needed thousands of discs and washers converted from a very light and delicate product similar to one layer of very fine tissue paper. To make matters worse, when cutting the material it created tiny dust particles that could be harmful to our operators. We were unable to cut it on our large receding head press due to the dust that the material created and when attempting to push it or pull it through conventional die cutting machines it would either ruck up or snap due to the rollers.

    The Solution

    The solution was found by our Works Manager, Ian Conners, who in a past life had been a toolmaker. He spent many weeks designing and developing a brand new small machine that delicately picked up and moved the material either side of a male - female cutting tool. The cleverly designed pneumatic fingers picked up the material and carefully placed it directly under the tool head, cutting it and dropping the finished components into a polythene bag under the machine. The machine would then recycle and gradually the bag would be filled.

    His engineering know-how enabled us to convert the material without anybody touching the cut parts or suffering the effects of the harmful dust.