We manufacture our hangtabs in-house, allowing for great flexibility in terms of size, shape, design & thickness
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Magnetic Tape & Hook and Loop

RGH's range of magnetic materials and hook and loop tapes offer ideal solutions for when permanent fixings are not required.

Magnetic Materials

Magnetic tapes are available in 12.7mm, 19mm and 25mm width and can be converted into strips of any length with either a foam or adhesive tape as a backing. All tapes are 1.5mm in thickness but foams up to 3mm thick can be applied to the magnet to give it increased depth.

Magnetic sheet is available at 620mm wide and is 0.75mm thick but again can be laminated with adhesives or foams and die cut into specific shapes to suit your requirement.

Hook and Loop

Hook and loop is a reusable fastening system comprising of two sides, one side is covered with rigid hooks and the other with soft loops and when pressed together they fasten together but can then be easily pulled apart. Ideal for temporary fixes and applications where changes are anticipated or continual access is required.

Available in a range of colours as well as different widths. RGH can also supply hook and loop cut to any given length and supplied as a joined pair or individually cut.

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