We manufacture our hangtabs in-house, allowing for great flexibility in terms of size, shape, design & thickness
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At RGH we offer a range of medical grade pressure adhesives which have the right type of adhesive for different skin types, age, activity levels whilst taking into consideration the environment in which they are applied.

RGH offer both single & double coated foams, non-woven materials and films for a range of applications including monitoring, pacing and defibrillation components to wound care, IV hold down & surgical tape. If there is a process whereby an electrode or other device needs to adhere to skin, RGH's medical Adhesive Systems will be able to offer a solution to your requirements.

The pressure sensitive adhesives that RGH convert are in compliance with ISO:10993 guidlines for skin contacting devices and are ISO-compliant for the research, developement & manufacture of medical products.

Applications Include:

  • IV Hold Down Tape
  • EKG Pads
  • High stress Electrode Mounting (high adhesion)
  • Wound Closure
  • High Porosity & Breathable Tape
  • Protective Pads & Packaging Components