We manufacture our hangtabs in-house, allowing for great flexibility in terms of size, shape, design & thickness
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Our Principles

If you decide to pick up the phone and call RGH then you will be directed to a member of our team who will be able to give you honest advice about the products and materials which will suit your application.

RGH will look after you...

From the very first call until the delivery and application of your products we will give you the support that you require in order to make your buying process as easy and as enjoyable as we possibly can.

...and go the extra mile...

We know how important it is to get the perfect product to fulfill your requirement.

Whether we need to send you samples of materials, help you through the design process, test your substrates with our adhesives or configure specialist formats to ensure that your products can be easily applied, RGH will work with you no matter how long it takes to get the perfect result.  In short, we value our customers!

RGH have a wealth of experience within our team but we also attempt to enjoy our work. RGH is a family business and enjoying our work and giving our customers an enjoyable experience are core values that stem throughout the company.

When you call you won’t speak to a computer or a "Press 1 for sales" message; you will be greeted by honest people who want to work alongside you for as long as we can.

...you might even enjoy the experience!