We manufacture our hangtabs in-house, allowing for great flexibility in terms of size, shape, design & thickness
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Team Members

Bob Hildrow
Managing Director

Family days out, Arsenal FC, Good Wine and Food, Golf, Movies, Gardening, Grandchildren, Bird Watching

Green Peppers, Grappa, Talking in the cinema, Tottenham Hotspur!

David Hildrow
Sales & Marketing Director

Good food, good wine, Arsenal FC, Sunshine, playing team sports, hot deserts with cold ice cream!

My alarm in the morning, sprouts, Sunday drivers

Nick Mantell
Key Account Manager

Walking, Ale (and lots of it!), camping, fatty foods, getting out and about

Nagging Mrs, exercise

Paul Hodge
Financial Controller

Watching Arsenal, hacking round a golf course, Italian food, going to the cinema, reading detective/thriller novels

Carrots, liver, TV reality shows & gardening

Ian Conners
Quality Manager

Being with family, mountain biking, films, cooking, gardening

Cold wet weather

Ian Clarke
Production Manager

Music, films, outdoor activities and beer

Cleaning windows, whinging

Lesley Holmes
Admin and Finance Coordinator

Fruit Pastilles, dogs, gardening, chocolate!

Coffee, bad manners