We manufacture our hangtabs in-house, allowing for great flexibility in terms of size, shape, design & thickness
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RGH manufacture a range of packaging accessories which enable customers to promote their products at eye level in-store in order to maximise your merchandising opportunities. These include hangtabs and wobblers:


RGH are one of the leading manufacturer of hangtabs and wobblers in the UK, that's right, we actually make the product in-house which gives great flexibility in terms of the size, shape and presentation of the hangtab. We can change the thickness of plastic to give more or less strength to the hanger, increase the amount of adhesive, produce it on reels or 500 or 5000... the possibilities are endless. The range includes hangtabs suitable for adhering to a number of substrates such as cellophane and the design allows for products such as giftwrap, gift-bags, greeting cards, roll wrap, stationary or small boxed items to be hung up easily and effectively.


Once again RGH manufacture all wobblers in-house so there is no need to simply purchase common sizes or wobblers that you are used to buying. If you require a wobbler that is 120mm or 125mm long rather than 150mm long then it can be done. Thicknesses ranging from 200 micron to 500 micron are available along with either foam tape or double sided tape on each end.

Packaging Foam

Polyethylene foam is ideal for the majority of packaging applications, whether you require a foam insert for a carton, a packing spacer or merely a cushioning foam for the base of your product then RGH can laminate and die cut foam of most thicknesses and colours into the shape and design that you require

Products commonly used within the packaging trade are: